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Mobile telephones and SIM cards

The SIM card is the card that is purchased from a telephone operator, who assigns a call number and invoices the calls (in France, the operators are Orange, SFR and Bouyges).

SIM cards, mobile phones and the operator are three sources of information. Their contents vary widely depending on the telephone model.

LERTI can recover information that has been deleted from numerous mobile phones.

Information stored by SIM cards:

  • Phone book The phone book may contain a large list of phone numbers
  • SMS. The SIM card can contain several tens of text messages. LERTI can recover deleted texts and their metadata (date, time and sender).
  • Last dial memory
  • Contacts

  • Information stored by a mobile phone

  • Photos and films
  • Tasks
  • Phone book This phone book memorizes phone numbers in addition to those on the SIM card.
  • Text messages transferred by the SIM card; sometimes there can be a large number of messages
  • Calls memory that can display the history of calls made over several months
  • Voice mail

  • IInformation stored by the operator

  • Voice messages
  • Inbound texts

  • SIM cards can be protected by entering a PIN code. If this is the case, we need to ask the operator for a PUK code. And this may call for a court order.

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