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The tasks entrusted to us are widely varied, from the highest-level technical tasks to providing support in cases of litigation, out-of-court settlement, arbitration or mediation.

Collection evidence is the most technical aspect of our work and forms the mainstay of our potential to be designated for other missions.

We provide support in cases of litigation, generally after failure of out-of-court settlement procedures. Our support covers both civil and commercial cases for which the court appoints a legal expert. Elle concerne les actions civiles ou commerciales aboutissant à la désignation d'un expert judiciaire par un tribunal.

LERTI may be asked either by a court (in criminal law cases, for example) or by individuals to provide a counter-report when a legal report appears to contains dubious points.

LERTI can provide both technical and customer support throughout the entire case, by taking part in expert evaluation meetings and writing up technical reports. We work closely with our customer and our customer’s chosen lawyer.

LERTI’s ethics - that apply to every member of our company – mean that we cannot be designated as legal expert in a case if we have already worked for one of the parties concerned during the out-of-court settlement phase.

We can also provide arbitration and mediation services, an alternative means of settling litigation.

We can be designated as mediator by private agreement between two parties, or by a court.

When a case concerns computer technology and if a commercial contract includes a mandatory arbitration clause, then LERTI can be designated by any of the parties as member of the court of arbitration.

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