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Electronic evidence collection

In case of doubt, a company management might first want to be sure: Is the suspicion of in-house insecurity founded? Are the attempted intrusions real?

Collection evidence entails analyzing the log files (these are either in-house or external records of the transactions effected by many different types of software), searching for data (even deleted data), reconstructing erased text messages from a SIM card, or any other type of search needed to establish the facts.

We then provide a report containing the electronic evidence of the facts. This report can help the head of a company to take the right decision.
  • Direct negotiation
  • Arbitration or mediation
  • Legal action
  • Request a court order.

  • In all cases, we at LERTI work closely with the company's chosen lawyer, in particular we cover the technical aspects of the cases.

    We then assist the bailiff if the court order requires investigation into computer systems, data extraction or copying files from a competitor suspected of counterfeiting or unfair competition, for example.
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