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Hacking and intrusions

Intrusions into computer systems are not limited to the mediatic feats of a few budding geniuses.

They have become a real threat to businesses. The aim in most cases is to copy sensitive data: This generally involves commercial tenders, customer data files, drawings, models, diagrams, e-mails and industrial spying. The aim might also be to degrade a company's computer network.

Intrusions often leave traces that we at LERTI can detect in order to collect the evidence required to take legal action.

Even if hackers fail to achieve their ends, they still leave traces of their offences, and these are punishable in the same way as successful attacks.

By analyzing the log files and various other parameters, we can usually find proof of an intrusion or an attempted intrusion, even if the offenders have taken all possible precautions to avoid leaving traces.

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