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Counterfeiting and unfair competition

There are many sources of counterfeiting and unfair competition. However, these are mostly perpetrated by former employees or former executives.

They leave a company, taking with them address books, customer data files, drawings, models, diagrams, or programs on computer files that have been compiled over time and smuggled out of the work place.

Smuggling that is generally undetectable, because it goes through widely diverse, discrete channels. USBs, e-mails, PDAs, mobile telephones, even memory boards from digital cameras are used to misappropriate data.

Our procedure entails collection initial evidence that a company can use to request a court ruling to take action against an offender.

Our LERTI experts work with the lawyer and bailiff of the company’s choice to set up the necessary operations, then accompanied by the law enforcement forces, we provide the “technical support” for the bailiff by collection electronic evidence of the offences.

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