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Our laboratory

The LERTI laboratory is situated in the technical estate at Meylan (formerly called Zirst, now Inovallée). We also have an agency in Paris.

We take all possible protective measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data media entrusted to us (by using in-house procedures and a security company).

If necessary, we can set up a protocol to make sure that the customer remains anonymous with respect to the data to be analyzed.

Our laboratory is equipped to deal with all types of data media (in particular hard disks, USBs, PDAs, swipe cards, smart cards, PIN cars and mobile telephones).

However, we do not have a clean room and we do not ourselves perform data recovery on damaged media (such as hard disks), so we use the services of a specialized company working under contract.

Our company is not a data security company. Data security companies act preventively, whereas we at LERTI intervene after a problem has occurred.
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