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Computer ethics

We at LERTI base our customer relations on a few major rules.

These rules stem both from our wide experience of electronic investigation and the large number of situations encountered, and in the firm conviction that professional conscientiousness, total honesty and scientific rigor are universal values.

We can sum up these rules as follows:

  • Systematic application of investigation protocols that guarantee exhaustive research in establishing evidence.

  • Confidentiality and respect of the customer’s anonymity with respect to the data, if necessary.

  • Reports issued in clear, easy-to understand terms, that can be used for legal matters, and with attachments containing all the technical information required to counter-check the evidence provided.

  • An internal report review procedure.

  • A tariff policy that invoices only the time spent, based on an estimate accepted by the customer, who is systematically informed of any unforeseen difficulty.

  • Keeping to the deadlines set out in agreement with the customers.

  • Using only regularly licensed software.

  • Our LERTI experts have all sworn to work "in all honor and conscientiousness". We work in this way for all our customers.

    Honor and conscientiousness go together.

    Certain investigations cannot be carried out without legal authorizations. We at LERTI will never carry out an investigation without such authorization.
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